Silvia Campo

Web Developer with experience designing and implementing applications in different technologies such as .NET, JavaEE, JavaScript, PHP.

About Me

I'm a software developer, specialized in web development. I have experience using different technologies on the server side: .Net, JavaEE, PHP. And on the client side, I've used some HTML5, JQuery, JQuery UI and JQuery UI Mobile. I have also developed a Android application and an AngularJS Hybrid application.

Besides having a full-time job, I have been developing some side projects. At the beginning, they were simple ideas but the more I thought (and analyze with UML), the more I found them very interesting. So I said to myself: let's get down to business!


A photo album is a website that lets create public, friends only or private albums. You can upload multiple photos at a time and later sort or edit them.

I developed this site using JavaEE (JSP, Servlets, JPA) connected to MySql and for the client side I used HTML5, JQuery, JQuery UI and JQuery UI Mobile.

The photos are scaled and adjusted on the client side to improve upload time using the File API, canvas and images features; I shared my code at Github.

I've also developed a Mobile AngularJS Hybrid Application to view the albums, it's at Google Play. It connected to the web site through web sockets.


An agenda let you organize all your activities. You can view, move and edit appointments in a calendar.

I developed this site using .NET Core MVC and Entity Framework connected to MySql and for the client side I used razor views, fullcalendar, bootbox, JQuery and JQuery UI.

This site has also a client Mobile Angular Hybrid Application, it's at Google Play. This site has Web API services with JWT authentication to share data with the application.


The three musketeers Gossip Specials , Gossip Deals and Gossip Offers! Help gossiping and saving...

They run on the same application in classic and mobile version. The application has been developed using CakePHP, an MVC framework with ORM. It's connected to MySql and uses Access Control Lists, Internationalization and JQuery. There is a client Android application "GossipSpecialsApp" compatible with all of them, it's at Google Play.

Also, I used a widget I created to pick the rating for the posts. Take a look!! If you like it you can download at Github

Other Projects

The current website developed using CapePHP connected to MySql and JQuery and redesigned with bootstrap.

Pablo Cassani personal website, developed using C# Asp.NET WebForms connected to MySql running on Apache Mono

And others in progress... You can follow the advance at Github

My Team

My Cat

This little girl crossed the rainbow bridge in 2016... The cornerstone of our team, she is the source of all the ideas. But not everything is work in her life! She balances full time dedication with beauty sleep and relax. She organizes breaks, blocking the screen vision, and naps, comfortably resting on the keyboard. No one can tell that calico cats are not lucky cats.


She is a hard worker, always ready to help. She is very kind and supportive. She has a big position to fulfill in and she is doing it great! In fact, she has already a reserved spot sit on my laptop.


He collaborates a lot with the networking/hardware issues. Also, he gives us support with tools such as "VirtualBox" and the router configuration, breaking down the rest in the meantime... He is very patient, especially when projects take me away from the world.

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